We believe in good honest oats and in being good stewards of the land on which they’re grown. Our great-great-grandfather homesteaded in South Dakota in 1882 and raised more than just oats – five generations of hard-working Americans. Respectful, regenerative, sustainable farming ensures that our land continues to provide for generations to come. So gather your family around the table for a hearty bowl of good, honest Anthem oats – and celebrate the simple ingredients of life.


It All Starts On Our Farm

We believe you reap what you sow. By simply respecting the earth with regenerative farming practices, we assure the South Dakota land our family has farmed since 1882 will sustain future generations.

At Anthem, better oatmeal means:

  • Every Anthem Oat is grown on our family farm in South Dakota, as it has been since 1882

  • We use regenerative practices that are a benefit to the environment

  • We design our portions to make a full meal

Five Generations

Since 1882, our family has been steward of this South Dakota soil.

We five brothers — Taylor, Mark, Eric, Chris and Warren — manage every step of planting, farming, and harvesting. And we want to bring Anthem premium oats from our family farm to your table.

The Sumption Family philosophy starts with preserving what we do for the next generation. That begins with healthy soil, robust sustainability practices and a regenerative farming approach to resource management.

We believe that while food trends come and go, simple, delicious oats are the unsung heroes of the best meals.